A Room with a View: What’s yours? RWW authors share on this week’s blog hop! #LoveChatWrite


Romance Writers Weekly is a group of romance authors who have joined forces to help each other in this crazy publishing business. Each Tuesday we host a blog hop where we answer a set of questions or maybe share a piece of flash fiction. RWW also has a WebsiteBlogNewsletter, and can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@LoveChatWrite). This week I’ve posed the question to my fellow authors to consider.

“Our surroundings influence our mood and view of the world as much as setting in any story. What is the view outside your window, or what would you like the view to be?”

I asked this question as a result of the workshop I taught about setting and how characters interact with their surroundings (objects, landscape, weather, etc.). That started me thinking about how our surroundings influence how we, as people, feel and react. Especially as I remembered the day when we moved from a rustic log home with dark log walls into our present home with lots of windows and light colored walls. My heart soared and my mood went right along with it. I hadn’t realized just how much the dark brown walls had damped my spirits.

So to answer my own question…

My current home is on 22 acres of Tennessee farmland. Out my front windows, I see trees along a collection creek (which only has water in it after a hard rain) and fields where once my daughter rode her horses. Out back, is a screened porch and in-ground pool, and a bit farther back an ancient barn and pastures and more trees. The lines of trees provide a screen between the house and road and between our property and our neighbors. It’s very private and secluded. I consider this piece of land my haven. It’s peaceful and calm most of the time, with an occasional small emergency (a neighbor’s horse coming for a visit, for example).

Bolte-Reading-writing spotWhile I love my home and surroundings, I hope to one day live either at the ocean or on a lake with water and trees and accompany flora and fauna. The rhythm of the waves soothes any troubles I may be experiencing and I don’t have the option to visit the beach often, typically years between trips to the sandy shore. Would I worry about hurricanes at the beach? Probably. Thus I’d settle for living on a lake, instead.

I believe that having a calm place to retreat to ensures my own emotional stability when I’m not at home and faced with uncertainty and new situations. What do you think? Do you have any instances when you realized just how much your surroundings impacted your emotions or actions?

Be sure to hop on over to Jo Richardson’s blog to find out the view from her domain.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and opinions!


4 thoughts on “A Room with a View: What’s yours? RWW authors share on this week’s blog hop! #LoveChatWrite

  1. I would take the lake too Betty – anything with water to gaze at, really. Great submission this week! Big fun seeing everyone’s views. ❤


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