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sad-retrieverBeing a writer means that I have a strong imagination. Which is great for creating stories but also means I can swing into doubt and even discouragement easily. Yes, I try to look on the positive side of events, but I can still see the negatives. Keeping them at bay is typically rather easy for me, but then some days – like this past Friday – it’s downright impossible.

I really hate being in doubt about what I should be doing with my writing. I’d just made a business plan that detailed my goals and milestones and deadlines for the next 2 or 3 years in detail. Then faith in my own writing stopped me in my tracks.

Without going into the agonizing details of why, I want to share what I did to pull myself together in hopes you may find some help for the next time you experience such crippling doubt and uncertainty.

The first thing I did was to contemplate quitting writing altogether. Just stop. (Yes, my dear readers, I was that upset and worried.) I could work on other projects waiting for my attention. Like my cross-stitch and crocheting. I have a TON of those projects calling my name, so I could finally cross them off my mental to-do list. Then there’s my guitar that I even bought new strings for back in January and played a few times. It’s back upstairs gathering dust so I could focus on my writing. I could give it some attention again, too.

But then I thought of my readers and realized I can’t stop writing stories for you! I refuse to let my fans down. So I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, as they say, and told my husband we needed to talk. I needed a new plan. With him. No distractions, just us and a pad of paper and a pen.

Which we did Saturday morning. He is my most avid supporter and fan and he did in fact listen as I poured out my worries and fears. And together we made a plan for going forward that we can both live with. It took putting numbers on paper – I hate math! – so that he could understand what I’m thinking and how much it will cost to begin indie publishing a new series next year. We needed to agree to take this leap and its inherent risks.

Then I went to my local RWA chapter Heart of Dixie monthly meeting and shared my fears with my friends. The discussion and support bolstered my resolve and cleared any lingering doubts I harbored. I am forever grateful to my chapter for their unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm as I navigate the publishing path!

Having a plan is important to me. I’ve been a planner all my life! What had caused my serious self-doubt was fear that the plan I’d so carefully laid out would lead nowhere. Would lead to my husband and worse, my fans, seeing me as a failure as an author. My faith in the plan has been restored, thanks to a heartfelt discussion in order to understand all the moving parts and pieces involved in making that plan lead to success as I define it.

So be on the lookout for more on new releases coming out in the new year. I can’t wait to share the new covers and titles with you all!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and opinions!


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