Tasty Tuesday: Meet the McCades and their Mexican Cornbread #recipe from #western historical #romance #author Kim Turner

Are you ready for a real Western treat? Kim Turner is taking over today to share her sizzling McCade brothers’ stories and some hot Mexican cornbread! Take it away, Kim…

The McCade brothers know it’s an expectation of their meddling mother that they show up to dinner at the ranch on Sunday evenings. When Dodge is cooking all must be at the table.

mexican-cornbreadSawyer McCade oldest of the brothers and Sheriff of Cheyenne isn’t too concerned over what’s for dinner what with keeping his mother and brothers out of trouble—never mind the mail order bride his mother just dropped on him.

Wyatt McCade is anything but interested in dinner what with chasing down bounties in order to forget the broken heart Dr. Tess Sullivan left him to mend on his own.

And where the heck is Dawson McCade brother number three and an Indian agent who misses Sunday dinner more times than not? He might just have fallen for the woman he rescued who now offers him a safe Haven.

Evan is already at the table with his hands on the biscuits. It takes a lot to fill up this hard working McCade brother that runs the ranch at least until an unforgiving secret runs him right into Charlie Ransom’s arms.

Anyway dinner around the McCade table might be anything from old fashioned fried chicken and fixin’s to heaping piles of corn and potatoes…but toss in the fact that living at the ranch is Dodge’s best friend Mei Ling and sometimes the McCade boys know a bit about Asian spices and cuisine.

But for today’s recipe I have pulled out a part of the meal that spices things up a bit where Dawson’s girl, Haven, is concerned. Mexican cornbread can be an unexpected surprise to the unsuspecting and things might just get a little hot. And since I am currently writing this story you’ll just have to read what happens later on.

For more recipes from the ranch check out my blog for THE CHUCK WAGON…RECIPES FROM THE TRAIL.

slice-of-mexican-cornbreadDodge’s Mexican Cornbread
Buttermilk cornmeal 3 cups
Whole Cultured Buttermilk 2 cups
Eggs 2
Jalapenos-chopped or sliced to taste (We add half a jar of sliced)
Mexican corn mix 1 can drained
Cheese: cheddar or mixed 2 cups

Mix all ingredients together stirring until well mixed or the consistency of cake batter
Pour into greased hot iron skillet (11 inch skillet in picture)
Place in over at 350 degrees until firm in center and lightly browned on top
Butter entire top and serve

If you want to make this a complete meal add a half pound of ground beef cooked, stirring it into the mix before cooking.

kim-cowgirlAbout Kim Turner

Kim Turner writes western historical romance, and discovered her passion of writing at the age of eight by writing poems, short stories and journals. Kim graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Central Michigan University. Working as a registered nurse educator for over twenty-six years, she enjoys studying the medical treatments of the old west as well as keeping up with the latest western movies and television series. While she loves reading anything from highlanders to pirates, she claims to have an unquenchable thirst for the American Cowboy when choosing her reads. Kim lives south of Atlanta with her husband and calls her greatest accomplishment the birth of one daughter and the adoption of another from China-neither of which came easy. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers and calls her critique group from Southside Scribes the best thing that ever happened to her writing, that and a pretty wonderful group of beta readers. Kim’s Motto: It’s All About A Cowboy and the Woman He Loves.

You can get to know her better at her Blog or Website.

wyattsbounty_w11232_750Bounty hunter Wyatt McCade is taking down outlaws one at a time. He’s been in love with Tess Sullivan for years, but she refuses to give in to her feelings. Reeling from the rejection of his marriage proposal, he chases bounties with little concern for his own safety. When word reaches him that Tess never left for Boston, he rides for Cheyenne to confront her. Instead, he is ambushed and left for dead.

Doctor Tess Sullivan shattered her heart by refusing Wyatt McCade’s marriage proposal and making the biggest mistake of her life, by holding onto a secret. Pining for his return, she blames herself when he arrives in Cheyenne near death. Forgiveness comes quickly in his arms, but she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.

When McCade lands are threatened, Tess is caught in the balance. On the bounty hunt of his life, Wyatt will risk everything to rescue the woman he loves.

Thanks for playing today, Kim! And thanks to everyone else for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and opinions!


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