Thanks to American Veterans! #VeteransDay #kindle #nook #book #sale

50% of my earnings will be donated to thank a veteran!

In honor of Veterans Day,  Hometown Heroines: True Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Courage is on sale for only $1.99 for the ebook (Kindle and Nook). But that’s not all. Fifty percent of what I earn on sales of this title from today through November 20th will be donated to Operation Gratitude as a way for me to thank some of the many veterans who have served America.

My family has a very strong history of serving our country. My father served in WWII as a tech sergeant on Guadalcanal. My brothers and oldest sister also served in the army, air force, and navy.

On my husband’s side of the family, his brother, father, uncle, and grandfather were all officers in the army, serving in many different countries all over the world. His mother’s father and grandfather were also officers in the army. In fact, his parents met while their parents were stationed in China.

I thank each and every man and woman who stepped up to protect and defend our country, our people, and the people of other countries under duress through no fault of their own. It’s a huge sacrifice to be separated from family and friends, from their “normal” routines, and all that brings them comfort. So thank you!

Please help me thank them by picking up a copy of Hometown Heroines— whether an ebook on sale or the paperback which is not discounted but that only serves to raise more money—to show the servicemen and servicewomen we care about them. Feel free to share this with your friends and family so we can work together to raise a bit of money to help this worthwhile charity.

Tell me about the veterans or active duty people in your life, or if you are a veteran or active duty. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks! Happy Veterans Day!


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Literary Classics International Book Awards - Youth Award Winning Book
Literary Classics International Book Awards – Youth Award Winning Book

About Hometown Heroines: True Stories of Bravery, Daring, and Courage

During the 1800s, daring and courageous girls across America left their unique mark on history.

Milly Cooper galloped 9 miles through hostile Indian Territory to summon help when Fort Cooper was under attack.

Belle Boyd risked her life spying for the Rebels during the Civil War.

Kate Shelly, when she was 15, crawled across a nearly washed-out railroad bridge during a ferocious thunderstorm to warn the next train.

Lucille Mulhall, age 14, outperformed cowboys to become the World’s First Famous Cowgirl.

These are just a few of the inspiring true stories inside Hometown Heroines—American Girls who faced danger and adversity and made a difference in their world.


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