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One of the fun aspects of being an author is attending reader events. I’ve traveled to several over the last few years and met so many avid readers who come out to say hello and talk about books. I especially enjoy seeing my fans and meeting my readers! One annual event I attend most every year, either as a reader or as a hosting author, is the upcoming Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon on June 3 in Huntsville, Alabama. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I need to put together the baskets, but what I didn’t talk about was how I go about doing so.

There are two kinds of baskets featured at the luncheon. Raffle baskets and author door prize baskets.

Golden Owl 2017The raffle baskets each have a unique theme associated with them. Tickets are $1 each, or 6 for $5. This year, I’m doing two. One is the Golden Owl Books and Brews basket, containing items related to the fictional bookstore in my Secrets of Roseville paranormal romance series. Obviously, I’ve included several books including Undying Love and Haunted Melody, but also tea, coffee, hot chocolate mix, a decorative owl, and some shortbread. A talented friend donated some notecards she made using her photos and some wire jewelry she made, items also found in the fictional store in my stories. Of course, you get the basket, too, which is made from pretty gold wire and I’ve used a soft pashmina to line it.

Old Tyme Xmas-2017The other raffle basket has the theme of an Old Tyme Christmas and includes several historical romances set during that holiday as well as some old-fashioned types of decorations, a snowman votive candle holder, the Christmasy basket, a crocheted scarf I made as a liner, and some hard candy in stick form and lemon drops. A few items to kick off your holiday season a bit early.

Those two were easy to decide to do, but then I had to figure out what my door prize basket’s theme would be. Stumped, I turned to my fans, Betty’s Novel Ninjas, for inspiration. (If you too are a fan of my stories, you’re welcome to join the Facebook group!) They didn’t fail me, either! This group of people who have read and enjoyed my stories listed several possibilities. Two ideas—Irish basket and a cooking related basket—combined to make my ultimate theme: Irish heritage. I took a white wicker basket, lined it with a shamrock scarf, and filled it with everything I could think of related to Irish cooking, history, Irish Heritage-2017symbols, and foods. Including copies of the first two books in my Secrets of Roseville series, Undying Love and Haunted Melody. See, the O’Connells and Golden families both have Irish ancestors. And I blog on Tuesdays about cooking, so the two ideas merged into one and I’ve put together a jam-packed basket of goodies as a result!

One lucky attendee at the luncheon will have their name drawn to win my door prize basket. There’s no additional expense after you pay the $35 to attend the luncheon. The ticket price includes a $5 coupon you can use when you buy a book at the public signing after the luncheon. Additionally, you get to have lunch with the author of your choice (you can choose up to five, ranked by preference). Each hosting author also will give the people at their table a gift or two for coming out to chat about books and answer any questions you may have. It’s a lot of fun for readers and authors alike!

By the time of the luncheon, the third book in the Secrets series will be available. I’ll have copies of The Touchstone of Raven Hollow among other titles there for purchase and signing, so come on out and see me if you’ll be in the Huntsville area on June 3. I’ll be hosting a table this year, so sign up to come eat lunch with me, too! It will be a fun day all around!

Have you attended reader events like the Heart of Dixie Romance Readers Luncheon? What was the highlight of the event? Or would you like to attend one?


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