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In honor of America’s Independence Day, July 4, I’m going to give away this packed tote bag full of books and an array of swag. Everything from bookmarks to jewelry to lip balm and pens and much more! (Note: Due to postage costs, I must limit entries to the United States only.)

HOD Luncheon swag bagTo enter to win, be sure to follow my blog and comment below with your favorite couple from one of my books and why they’re special to you. Or follow my blog and comment with your favorite title of my books and why.

As a refresher, here are the titles and main couples in each.

A More Perfect Union historical romance series:

Emily’s Vow: Emily Sullivan and Frank Thomson

Amy’s Choice: Amy Abernathy and Benjamin Hanson

Samantha’s Secret: Samantha McAlester and Trent Cunningham

Evelyn’s Promise: Evelyn Hamilton and Nathaniel Williams

Secrets of Roseville paranormal romance series:

Undying Love: Meredith Reed and Max Chandler

Haunted Melody: Paulette O’Connell and Zak Markel

The Touchstone of Raven Hollow: Tara Golden and Grant Markel

And don’t forget Hometown Heroines: True Stories of Daring, Bravery, and Adventure. These real girls from the 1800s really are inspiring to me!

Plus, I’ll choose a second winner to receive this beautiful Bridesmaid gift bag author Linda Joyce handed out at the Heart of Dixie Romance Readers’ Luncheon last month with some cool goodies inside. The pretty scented soaps smell really nice! I was tempted to keep it for myself, but want to share the love! And I’ll even let the winner of the gift bag choose any one of my books that I’ll autograph to you or another person of your choice. Sweet, eh?

Linda Joyce gift bagI’ll choose the winners on Friday, July 7, to give people chance to enter since there’s the holiday tomorrow and I’d expect many folks will be outside celebrating rather than on their computers.

Also, look for another Tasty Tuesday post tomorrow on making a really yummy beef entrée you won’t want to miss.

Good luck! Happy Fourth of July!!!!


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The Touchstone of Raven Hollow (Secrets of Roseville Book 3) is available now! Grab your copy today!

The_Touchstone_of_Raven_Hollow_600x900He dug for the truth and found her magic.

Tara Golden has hidden her healing power all her life. But occasionally, she uses her abilities on people passing through town, sure they’d never figure out what saved them. Now a tall, sexy geologist is asking questions she doesn’t want to face, and he isn’t going to take no for an answer. There’s no way she would reveal her abilities and her gifted sisters for a fling.

The latest medical tests divulge geologist Grant Markel’s fatal condition is cured, but the scientist within him won’t accept it’s a miracle. When he meets the sexy, mystical witch who may hold the answer to his quest, he’s determined to prove she’s full of smoke and mirrors despite their mutual attraction.

When they are trapped in an enchanted valley, Tara must choose between her magical truth or his scientific beliefs. Can she step from the shadows to claim her true powers before it’s too late?




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29 thoughts on “In Honor of July 4th #giveaway #writerslife #readers #swagbag #American #celebration @LJWriter @HODRWA

  1. My favorite book of yours is Remnants. I love Book 2 (Ghosts of Roseville) the best, because I loved Paulette and Zak. I love stories when the 2 main characters have a driven agenda, and then meet and fall in love.


    1. Thanks! I did revise this story a little bit and retitled it to be Haunted Melody. I’m glad you enjoyed it under whichever title!


  2. I liked ALL the books in the A More Perfect Union Series but my favorite was “Samantha’s Secret” with Sam & Trent. I love the idea of women studying anything in the sciences & this area has been an on again/off again acceptable area for anybody to pursue.


    1. Congrats! You’re the winner of the swag bag full of goodies! I had to select a new winner since the first person didn’t claim it. Please send me your snail mail address to and I’ll get your prize in the mail. Congrats!


  3. So far my favorite couple has been Paulette O’Connell and Zak Markel in Haunted Melody. I love paranormal romances, and this one has so much going for it, from Halloween decorations, a lovely antebellum, Paulette & her sister being able to see ghosts, a pregnancy, the grandfather’s ghost coming to help her, and romance. P.S. I’m just part way thru this book, you’re a new author to me, and I have to say I love this one!


  4. Paulette and Zak are my favorite couple. I love pnr books the most and a grandfathers ghost makes this a great read. You know something is working when Zak can lose his focus for brother on a girl that “isn’t” interested.


    1. He really did fall hard for her, didn’t he? His persistence paid off in the end. I’m glad you enjoyed the story!


  5. Caught between Duty and Love, Jedediah and Elizabeth because I love the time frame of the book and anything military.


    1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Elizabeth’s Hope, Lori. Only a few more chapters to go… Enjoy!


  6. Samantha’s Secret. I am a sucker for medical stuff. I work in the medical field for surgeons. Lol, I try not to get in trouble. I was a medic in the military as well and I LOVE Enemy to Lover stories. This had all of it rolled into one.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed their story, Martina! I had fun writing it. Especially the research into the tools available in the 18th century. Shiver worthy!


  7. Thanks for the chance!☘
    You are a newer author for me that I’ve recently started following. Your paranormal series, Secrets of Roseville is what I’m most interested in. I have Undying Love so I can start it !


  8. My favorite book is EVELYN’S PROMISE with Evelyn and Nathaniel’s interest in their new country and each other. I like reading books set in this period but few are available. Also, it was the first book of yours I read.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed Evelyn and Nat’s story, Joye! You may want to read the other books in the A More Perfect Union series. Also, in late November I’ll be releasing a prequel novella to that series, Elizabeth’s Hope, that tells the story of Elizabeth and Jedediah. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will get to read that one for free, one chapter each month, with those chapters already shared available to read as well. Just an fyi. Thanks for reading!


  9. I think I would love to read The Touchstone of Raven Hollow. This sounds like a very interesting book. Now I have to read it to find out what happens in the end.


  10. Ready (finally) for me to announce my winners?! For the first swag bag prize, Lori Byrd is the winner! For the gift bag with your choice of one of my books, clickclickmycat is the winner! Congrats to both of you! Please email me your snail mail address (US only) to Congrats to you both! (p.s. clickclickmycat, be sure to tell me which of my books you want me to send.) And I am truly sorry I didn’t post this yesterday. It’s been an interesting few days with trips to the post office, new windows installed, and other boring but necessary stuff. Thanks for your patience and your comments. Be sure to follow my blog so you get notified when I post a new tidbit or recipe. Happy reading, y’all!


  11. Update: I’ve chosen a new winner for the swag bag of books and goodies since the first winner didn’t claim it. So congrats to WhistleintheWind74! I hope you enjoy all the goodies and the reads! Send me your address as noted above and I’ll get your prize in the mail. Enjoy!


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