Fun Friday with Maggie Blaine from Overkill by Sherry Fowler Chancellor #murder #mystery #romance #fiction

Another Fun Friday is upon us and this time Sherry Fowler Chancellor shares Maggie Blaine’s love of scrapbooking and a contest! Don’t forget to enter to win the prize… Okay, Sherry, take it away!

Thanks to Betty for letting me visit and introduce you to the heroine of the book Overkill and her hobby.

Maggie Blaine is a homicide detective who was called to the scene of a brutal death. What she didn’t expect was the victim was a former friend of hers who hurt her deeply. The victim went from backstabbing best friend (figuratively) to being literally backstabbed and dying on the grass in front of her office.

When the two of them were friends, they engaged in a couple of hobbies together. They would travel to fun spots like New York City, the Bahamas, and even took a trip or two to Europe. They both loved to try new foods and places and tour cities.

Upon returning home from their travels, they had marathon sessions where they’d create scrapbooks about their adventures. Maggie wasn’t picky about how artistic and perfect her creations were. She just loved spending time cutting and pasting. It relaxed her and kept her mind off her stressful job. Her former friend, on the other hand, was a perfectionist and would never allow a crooked photo or ink blot to stay on her pages.

Maggie hasn’t scrapbooked since she and the victim parted ways. It’s too painful for her to try to separate how the victim betrayed her and their friendship from her love of paper and glue. She still likes to travel, but the photos sit on her computer or in plain albums now.

Someday, she’ll rediscover her love for crafting. Perhaps when she solves this murder, she can finally lay to rest any bad feelings she has toward the former friend who didn’t know the definition of loyalty. But first…it’s time to work.

CONTEST! Overkill by Sherry Fowler Chancellor is available at all e-book retailers and published by Black Opal Books. For the chance to win an e-book copy, leave me a comment about your favorite place to travel. Either that you’ve been to or you want to visit.

overkillNo one liked Drusilla Isaacs. She spent a lifetime alienating people, as if making the most enemies was a personal goal. Now she’s dead. Shot, stabbed, and her neck broken…and that’s what the coroner can tell from a first look. It’s up to Maggie Blaine—former friend and one-time victim of the odious Drusilla—and Maggie’s partner, Jacob Brown, to figure out who, out of a seemingly endless list of suspects, would carry out such heinous acts. Their choices are varied. From Drusilla’s husbands—the former and the current—to the women in her life—her secretary, the mother of her husband’s son, or the new wife of her ex-husband. There’s also another option. A serial killer who randomly appears to insert himself into the mix. A tale of murder, gems, drugs, illicit sex, and a cast of villains who all have one thing in common—their hatred of Drusilla Isaacs.


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Head shot0037 (2)Sherry Fowler Chancellor is a lawyer living on the gulf coast of Florida- a little piece of paradise. She started writing fiction for escape from the day job- a way to decompress from the rigors of contracts and legalese.  After all, how much more fun is it to write exciting romances than dry legal pleadings?

When she’s not practicing law or writing fiction, she can be found spending time with her family, taking trips for inspiration or playing around with her other love, photography.

Sherry loves to hear from readers. Contact her at:



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3 thoughts on “Fun Friday with Maggie Blaine from Overkill by Sherry Fowler Chancellor #murder #mystery #romance #fiction

  1. Well, I just got your book and will dive into it tonight ! My first time trip to Scotland is on the radar and I can’t wait ! I know you’ve been and you could hop in my suitcase and come along if you’d like.. The idea of scrapbooking the adventure is also in my plans. I am anxious to start this murder/mystery Thanks Mona


    1. Thanks Mona. Have a wonderful trip. I DO wish I was going too. Such a great place. Hope you enjoy the book. Love you and thanks, as always, for your support. 😃


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