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One thing I’ve never done is ride a motorcycle. Well, not really. My brother had a bike when I was a teenager that I tried to sit on and nearly fell over with it. I don’t think that counts! So when Mitch Sawyer rode into Roseville on his Harley, and Beth took an interest in both the bike and the man, I had to do some research.

What would a “biker chick” wear? Where would she shop for it? How much selection would there be in a real live motorcycle store? These were my burning questions. Of course, the only way for me to know was to leave the comfort of my office and venture to the closest bike shop.

Only the shop I went to didn’t carry much clothing at all. Helmets and gloves, jackets and chaps. But nothing feminine for a woman wanting to ride with her guy. The experience of being in the cycle gear shop left me with several impressions: the smell of oil and rubber was strong; the lady clerk said hello but otherwise didn’t try to sell me anything—probably because she could tell I’m not a biker chick, but that’s another story; and the store did not cater to women bikers. Obviously, I’d have to find a bigger store, and luckily a few days later I had reason to drive by the local Harley store.

This store was much bigger and had a larger selection of merchandise. Walking in the front door I was surprised—though in hind sight I shouldn’t have been—to see rows of motorcycles flanking the aisle stretching toward the back of the store. The sales staff desks were lined up against the left hand windows, behind one row of bikes. To the right was the clothing and accessories merchandise, including a section for women which I perused with interest.

The other surprise that greeted me as I made my way toward the clothing was the big popcorn cart with hot buttered popcorn for shoppers. I had not expected the smell of popcorn, let me tell ya! The staff at this store must have either been trained to not approach customers or they took one look at this 50-something, graying woman and new there’d be no sale. Either way, I wandered around drinking in the layout and the ambiance until I had what I needed for my story and characters.

Then I went home and the next day tweaked my scene to reflect the reality but also added in a few imaginative touches to distinguish the fictional bike store from the real one I visited. I want my readers to experience the story setting as close to the real life situation as I possibly can. Here’s what I ended up with, as a sneak peek at the story:

The aroma of popcorn and motorcycles greeted Beth as she stepped into the store. She inhaled deeply, drawing the intoxicating mix inside. Beth scanned the large, bright expanse of merchandise. She detected the pungent aroma of tanned leather which triggered images of adventure and daring. Western saddles used by the rodeo riders when the annual rodeo came to town. English saddles used by the huntsmen chasing after a fox over rolling hills and fences surrounding Roseville. Vests worn by men on motorcycles, like Mitch, as they roared down mountain roads.


One day, very soon, she’d be riding with Mitch on his bike. Her heart soared with eagerness to experience the wind in her hair and the rumble of the motor between her legs. Her hands on Mitch’s waist as they navigated the back roads and highway. Warmth flooded her cheeks, making her breath catch as she forced herself to focus on the store’s layout and not her wayward thoughts.


Roxie stopped beside her to get her bearings. Round racks of blouses and tops stood shoulder to shoulder with low tables of pants across the right half of the store, women’s to the back, men’s up front. She spotted wall racks filled with an amazing variety of jackets and helmets. A section in the middle displayed belts and gloves and other small items.


“This should be interesting.” Roxie let out a long breath and shook her head. “Never thought I’d be helping you become a biker chick.”


“Two weeks ago I’d have to agree with you. But I do think it’s fun.” Beth chuckled as she moved slowly toward the tops. “I’m thinking a tank top or something similar, to give me freedom of movement should the need arise.”


Roxie stopped her with a hand on her forearm. “I thought you said not to worry? That you’re just playacting to be a biker chick.”


Beth laid her hand on top of her sister’s and gave it a squeeze. “I’ll be fine.”

I hope you enjoy Veiled Visions of Love. Beth and Mitch’s story was a challenge to tell but so much fun, too. Thanks!


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His search for a home led him straight to her heart…

Veiled_Visions_of_Love_600x900Psychic Beth Golden longs to live the life of a heroine in a suspense novel but knows she’ll die of boredom working in the bookstore in the small town of Roseville. Until a pilot rolls into town on his motorcycle with a secret mission. When he introduces her to a whole new world of daring and romance, she’s captivated by a lifestyle filled with unexpected and dangerous surprises.

Major Mitch Sawyer, currently serving in the Reserves, has lived all over the world and wants nothing more than to have his own home with a wife and family. Forced to complete one more airplane repo job before he can afford to resign his commission and make his dream a reality, he entices a sexy book lover to help him by becoming an undercover biker chick. Only Beth’s hunger for excitement endangers both herself and an innocent bystander. Can he protect them—and his heart—before it’s too late?

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