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I have a special treat for you all for Fun Friday! Carla Swafford is sharing her special guys, the Brothers of Mayhem. I’ve had the pleasure of reading these gritty stories of family, loyalty, and love. But I’ll let Carla tell you all more about her stories.

Thank you, Betty, you’re a sweetheart for letting authors come to your blog and talk about our books. Though I’m supposed to have one character to say what he/she does for fun, I decided to let the three heroes of my Brothers of Mayhem series speak out.

First, let me introduce the fellows: Thorn (Hidden Heat) and Wolf Savalas (Naked Heat) are brothers, and Storm Ryder (Full Heat) is the brother-in-law to Thorn. They each are different as Thorn is the cop, serious and has a white knight syndrome. Wolf is the player, loves women, a big flirt, so laid back, and has always wanted to be part of the MC (motorcycle club). Then there is Storm, the youngest MC chapter president. The man has deep issues and is sensitive though he keeps it well hidden.

Me: “Fellows, you are here today to talk about what you do for fun. Let’s start with you, Thorn.”

Thorn: “Let’s see. I mostly have fun playing with my kids. The oldest, Bryan, loves to hold the wrenches while I work on a 1966 LeMans I’m restoring.” He inhales on the stub of his cigarette and then flicks it off into the gravel nearby. Thorn and Wolf sit on picnic tables outside the Skull and Bones Bar and Grill. Storm fiddles with his Harley a few feet away. He wipes a soft cloth over the chrome and groans when he sees a dent or scratch.

Wolf: “Yeah, kiss ass to the author, Thorndyke. She’s not about to write another book about you.” He winks at me and laughs.

Thorn: “You’re full of it, bro. It’s a classier version of a GTO. Has nothing to do with being the first car she’d own.”

Storm: “What you need is another Harley. Even since you started driving a cage twenty-four/seven, you’ve become an old man. You’re making my sister old too. Have you not heard of birth control? Four kids. You’re outnumbered.”

Thorn: “Stay out of it. Not that you have room to talk. Didn’t I hear that Mary Jane is expecting number three?”

Storm: His grin widens and then disappears. “Probably another boy, her mom is telling us. I’m hoping for a girl. One like her mother.”

Me: “Fellows, back on the subject. What do you do for fun? And no sex talk.”

Wolf: “Ha! She got you two there. Me and Sofia took care of our family in one fell swoop. The twins are enough. They can share a room for a couple more years. So meanwhile, we’re working on remodeling the kitchen and master bath. All of it is a pain, but I love making that woman happy.”

Thorn: Coughs. “Pussy whip.” He coughs again.

Wolf: “So f**king original.” He turns to me. “Oops! Sorry. Tell Betty I’m sorry. A problem being around the MC, a lot of military guys who talk like they’re still in service. Anyway, making the old family homestead into the home Sofia wants is fun to me. I love to surprise her and hear her giggle.”

The brothers turn toward Storm. Silence reigns since it’s Sunday morning and the bar is closed. Storm looks up and glances at me and then checks on Thorn and Wolf. He sighs and tosses the cloth over the handlebars. 

Storm: “Like you mentioned in your book. I love painting designs and pictures on gas tanks for motorcycles. Since then I’ve learned how to do the same on truck and car hoods. People love flames and skulls. Make decent money doing it and make my own hours. Mary Jane and I help out at the commune. We teach classes on arts and crafts and other stuff with her parents. They’re good people.” He stops and looks around, noticing the shocked looks of Wolf and Thorn. “What’s your problem?”

Wolf: “I don’t know about Thorn, but that’s the most I’ve ever heard you say at one time, and I’m supposed to be your best friend.”

Storm: “Maybe it’s because you never shut the fu—” He inhales deeply, regaining control of his temper. “You haven’t been to visit in a while. I’m more talkative. Even Mary Jane says so.”

Wolf: “I have to say, brother, you need to take it back what you called me. Storm has become the king of puss—” Storm charges Wolf and takes him down into the gravel and dirt. They roll, stir up dust, pounding each other, while Thorn roars with laughter.

Me: I glare at Thorn. “Stop encouraging them.” I shake my head. “Well, I guess that’s what my characters from the Brothers of Mayhem series do for fun. Ah, fellows, stop it. You’re going to get hurt and then the ladies will be mad at me and never let me interview them.”

For one lucky commenter, a chance to win a copy of NAKED HEAT in ebook. Winner will be announced on Labor Day! Thank you for commenting! Thank you again, Betty!  Hope everyone will give my books a try.

NAKED HEAT CoverWolf Savalas has a good reason for kidnapping Sofia Cruz, the favorite cousin to the leader of Thirty-Second gang. His MC plans to hit the leader’s home and sweet Sofia will be in the crossfire.

Sofia had stopped meeting the handsome biker for coffee after he admitted to being a deadly Mayhem Brother. So why is she now handcuffed to the sexy biker? And why is she not sure if she wants to be set free?

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carla headshotCarla Swafford loves romance novels, action/adventure movies, and men, and her books reflect that. And that’s not all, she’s crazy about hockey, and thankfully, no one has made her turn in her Southern Belle card. In 2015, Carla received RWA’s PRO Mentor of the Year Award. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Alabama.


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If you enjoy a good romance with some tough and fierce bad guys as the heroes, you’ll love this series! But then I am a bit biased, as Carla has been a friend for a long time and I adore her as a person as well as an author.

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  1. Good evening Carla and Betty

    Wow, Carla you had me LOL with your interview with the guys. I sure hope the ladies let you sit down for a visit.

    Thank you Betty for having Carla as a guest. I definitely plan to signup for your newsletter.


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