Fun Friday with Elizabeth Brenner from #author Judy Mollen Walters’ The Natural Order of Things #women #fiction #WF #books

Ready for some quiet fun today? Judy Mollen Walters shares how Elizabeth Brenner plays on today’s Fun Friday post. Take it away, Judy!

Elizabeth Brenner could spend every day just playing with her 4-year-old daughter, Lotty. In fact, she does. Lotty and Elizabeth do everything together from sunup to sundown—from baking to library runs to StoryTime to shopping for their dinner to meeting new people who shape their lives in ways Elizabeth can’t really imagine they will. At night they put their pajamas on early and watch movies and TV—sometimes TV you wouldn’t think interesting for a 4-year-old, like Wheel of Fortune and, in the mornings, Good Morning America. They love their solitude and quiet, but when Elizabeth gets a job on the library’s Bookmobile, which she and Lotty can do together, they discover how much they like to go out for lunch or visiting. It all sounds sort of quiet, but Elizabeth’s new friends are going to tell her their most private secrets, and Elizabeth will reveal some of her own.

ebook cover (1)When 22-year-old Elizabeth Brenner lands in New Jersey with her 15-month-old daughter, Lotty, she doesn’t know a soul. And she prefers it that way. She’s struggling with her own demons—her family in Utah, who essentially threw her out, her ex-boyfriend Evan and father of her baby, and just enough money so that she won’t have to work for a little while. Three-and-a-half years later Elizabeth is running out of money and needs a job. But what can she do without an education or any real work experience? When a job opening for a Bookmobile driver at her local library appears, she applies and gets the job. Now she begins to make friends: Estelle, a 95-year-old woman with a 70-year-old secret, Harper, a 16-year-old high school drop-out who isn’t homeless but might as well be, and Sabrina, a pregnant mother whose secret is so big that she won’t even tell her husband. As Elizabeth juggles all of her new friends’ needs, she meets her neighbor Jeff, and then she finds herself doing something she swore she would never do again….. Full of surprising people with surprising stories, The Natural Order of Things will make you laugh and cry, ponder and hope.


judyauthor2After my stint as an editor in nonfiction book publishing, I became a Stay-at-Home Mother to my two daughters nineteen years ago. I always wanted to be a writer and finally became a published author when my first book, Child of Mine, came out in 2013. In 2014, I published The Opposite of Normal, which became an Amazon best seller, and in 2015, I followed that up with The Place to Say Goodbye, about an autistic young man whose thoughts only the readers are privy to.  In 2016, I published Start at the Beginning, featuring best friends who have to make an agonizing choice. In 2017, I published A Million Ordinary Days, the story of an independent woman who fights her Multiple Sclerosis to maintain her career and take care of her daughter.



Being a single parent is never easy but apparently has its own rewards. This story does sound intriguing, doesn’t it? Thanks, Judy, for sharing a bit about Elizabeth and Lotty’s sweet relationship and the quirky friends they make. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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