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I’m thrilled to introduce you all to my friend and chapter mate, Leslie Scott! Leslie writes fast-paced and entertaining romances. But I’ll let her tell you more about herself and her stories. Let’s peek at her bio and then get to the good stuff!

Leslie Scott is a self-proclaimed word wizard who hails from the Rocket City (Huntsville, AL). She lives and writes at home with her four dogs, four cats, Prince Charming, and #bestkid. Her fast-paced, energetic romance style is award nominated—a fact she can’t quite comprehend.

You can learn more about Leslie at, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Betty: How many books have you written and published?

Leslie: Written? I’m sitting around a dozen right now. Though, only three are currently released (with three more contracted and in the pipeline for release soon).

Betty: What genre(s) do you write in and why?

Leslie: They tell you to pick a sub-genre of romance and stick with it. I find that impossible. I can’t stop the ideas and if they don’t fit into one slated genre I’m not going to just NOT write it. So, I have Contemporary Westerns, New Adult Romance, Urban Fantasy, Suspense, are all in my wheelhouse and you’ll be seeing some of them all by next year.

Betty: What themes or motifs did you use in your recent release and why were they important to your story?

Leslie: Family. My Arkadia Fast series gets called “a racing series” a lot, but it’s really not. At the core of Hot Lap is the heroine’s desperate desire for the family that has been denied to her and the hero’s love and acceptance—because she IS his family.

Starting a new life isn’t easy when the skeletons locked in her closet are the notorious town drunk for a father and a haunted past. But, Hadley Morgan isn’t one to shy away from second chances or giving them either.

When a young, single father wrapped up in an octane fueled package takes particular interest in her, she begins to dream. But well-known drag racer Aiden Casey is also her boss, making her hesitate to grab at her chance at happiness.

Will her secrets shatter their chance at love or will his past come back to destroy both of them?

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Betty: Do you have a specific place that you write? Revise?

Leslie: I do not. I homeschool my son, so often I’m working as he is. That could be the kitchen table, around the large computer desk in the living room, on the couch, on my bed, in my office. Wherever I happen to be, I write.

Betty: Do you have any writing rituals while you write? Did you have a special drink, or music, or time of day that you gravitated toward?

Leslie: No special rituals here, unless you count writing all the time. To be honest, most of the time I’d rather be at home writing than anywhere else in the world.

Betty: What helped you move from unpublished to published? A mentor or organization or something else?

Leslie: The lovely Ms. Vonnie Davis (Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Author). I went in search of a critique partner and found her. I would never have received my publishing contract without her. She took a chance on a novice writer and taught me so very much. I could never repay her for what she’s taught me, what she’s given me.

Betty: What do you think is your greatest strength in your writing?

Leslie: Time and again readers praise me for writing characters that feel like family to them.

Betty: What comes first when you’re brainstorming a new story: setting, situation, characters?

Leslie: I love this question. Usually it’s a situation or the characters, or perhaps a combination of both.

Betty: Do you have a structured time to write or is more fluid/flexible? Do you have to write between family obligations or do you set aside a block of time?

Leslie: Most of my writing happens late at night. I can edit/revise anywhere, anytime. But writing, drafting out an idea is easiest when I don’t have any interruptions.

Betty: What is one recent struggle you’ve experienced in your writing?

Leslie: I don’t write fast enough. I have so many ideas, and not enough hours in the day to get them all out on paper.

Betty: Do you participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? Why or why not?

Leslie: I do, indeed. I love Nano, it’s a great reminder for me to let the rest of the business go and just lose myself in the crafting of a new story.

Betty: What are you reading right now?

Leslie: Alyssa Cole’s A Duke by Default. It’s refreshing and so much fun.

Betty: What is your favorite genre to read?

Leslie: Urban Fantasy is high on my list, for sure.

Betty: What are your keeper books? How often might you reread them?

Leslie: Would you believe I’ve never reread a book? It’s just not my thing. There are just so many new stories being written, that I’d rather enjoy something fresh. I’m the same way with movies, which drives Mr. Scott insane. He’ll watch his favorites over and over and I’m a one and done kinda girl.

Betty: When you’re writing, do you read in the same genre as your work in progress or something else?

Leslie: Never really thought about that. I just read whatever tickles my fancy at the time.

Betty: Do you have a “day job” or do you write full time?

Leslie: My day job is that I homeschool my twelve-year-old son, otherwise I write full time.

Betty: What do you wish readers knew about the publishing industry?

Leslie: That it is a painstakingly slow business. In the few hours/days it takes you to read a book it took that author months or years to create it.

Betty: What advice do you have for new writers?

Leslie: In the words of Queen Nora (Roberts)… ASFK … ass to seat, fingers to keys, it’s the only way you’ll ever get it done.

Betty: Any hints of what you’re next writing project might be?

Leslie: Yee-haw? Kidding, but I love me some cowboys.

Betty: What kind of writing would you like to experiment with? Or what’s a different genre you’ve considered writing but haven’t yet?

Leslie: I’d maybe like to try an epic fantasy sort of adventure, something my son would enjoy reading and could read with his children someday.

Thanks, Leslie, for joining me today!

If you haven’t sampled Leslie’s writing, I encourage you to do so. Her zest for life and love of family shines through her stories!

Happy reading!


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