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Please help me welcome M.L. Broome to the interview hot seat! Let’s find out more about her and then get right to the interview and her intriguing book.

M.L. Broome is a bohemian spirit with a New York edge. She writes high-octane contemporary romance with a touch of angst and plenty of steamy goodness. Her characters are bitingly real, earning their happily-ever-after only after some emotional ass-kicking and personal growth.

When M.L. isn’t writing or holding one-sided arguments with her characters (spoiler alert—they always win), she loves losing herself in nature on her North Carolina farm, one of her rescue buddies by her side.

She adores dressing up and kicking back, a glass of whiskey with an equally stunning view, and experiences that make the soul—and senses—tingle.

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Betty: What prompted you to start writing?

M.L.: I think it’s an extension of a lonely childhood. Seriously! I was an only child, and my parents were fairly hands-off, so I was left to my own devices. During those evenings, I created countless kingdoms and characters—something I still do today. For me, there’s nothing like falling into a world of my own creation. What a great escape, when the real world is often ugly and hard.

Betty: What do you wish you knew before you started writing/publishing?

M.L.: There is so much that I’ve learned in the last fifteen months, and every day, I’m learning more about the industry. Here are my biggest pieces of advice:

  • ●       Write what you want to read. Yes, there are a ton of trends and you can write to market and have great success, but if you aren’t passionate about what you’re writing, the readers won’t be, either.
  • ●       Follow your gut. If something seems off, be it a person or company, it likely is. Do your research and never be afraid to part paths with someone who no longer has your best interests at heart.
  • ●       Learn self-promotion. I suck at it, but I’m learning it’s vital to stand out in a saturated market.

Betty: What inspired you to write the book you’re sharing with us today?

M.L.: True events. Alchemy Unfolding is a reverse age-gap, and I lived it. Now, the story is not an autobiography, but it gives an up-close view of dating a younger man in a society that is still only grudgingly accepting of the fact. I also wanted to write about a nice guy. I’ve read countless stories where the hero is a total jerk! I wanted a romance where the hero was such a decent human being, not perfect, but perfect book boyfriend material.

Addy has her life all planned out—until she walks in on her long-term boyfriend shagging his secretary. Life plans? Right out the window.

It doesn’t matter that she isn’t in love with Clint. They had goals and a non-refundable deposit on an upwardly mobile condo.

Now, she has a choice—forgive the adulterous liar—or not. She chooses not. Throwing caution to the wind, she accepts a nursing job in San Diego, thousands of miles from her life in Manhattan.

Addy’s on a new coast, and for the first time in her life, without a plan. Her only goal is to work and soak up the fun in southern California, which is precisely what she’s doing when she stumbles across Josh’s path.

Josh is that rarest of combinations—gorgeous, kind, and utterly besotted with Addy.

Only issue? He’s thirteen years younger, and that’s a chasm Addy isn’t sure she can cross.

Throw in a jealous friend hellbent on calling her Mrs. Robinson and the reappearance of her ex-boyfriend, begging for a second chance, and Addy isn’t sure which end is up.

She has to choose—continue living her life according to the rules or toss out the rule book and create a new version of her life.


Josh shrugs, grabbing his keys from the table. “You can go willingly, or I can turn you over my knee. Your choice.”

I’m obviously still drunk. And hearing things. “Are you threatening to spank me?”

Josh leans in, his lips centimeters from mine. “Not at all, Addy. It isn’t a threat. It’s a promise.”

My new friend just threatened to spank me, and I hate how tempting that idea sounds.

With a grumble, I plop into the chair, throwing on my sneakers. “I don’t really think I’m up for a spanking right now.” If he’s going to force me to trek with him up a mountain, I don’t want him to think I’m drooling over him. No matter how little he believes me.

As per usual, the man is one step ahead of me in our verbal spar. “Too bad. Maybe later, you’ll be in the mood.”

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Love the banter between them, M.L.! Sounds like a fun read!

Thanks for sharing and happy reading!

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