Wrapping up 2020 without a Bow #MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays #HappyNewYear #Fiction #ReadIndie

As Christmas quickly approaches, I’ve decided to take some time away from my blog to reflect on the past year and make plans for the next one. I have some writing craft exercises I want to try, for example, in an ongoing effort to improve my storytelling ability. You’ll still see my guest author interviews over the next couple of weeks, though. There are some pretty amazing authors yet to meet!

The trees are decorated—we actually bought two this year. One is in the usual place in the living room and the new one is in the foyer. I can see both from where I sit in the living room, which is a magical experience I hope to repeat next year. Hanging the ornaments always evokes memories of my mother who died right before Christmas 1989 because I have so many of her ornaments in my collection. Snowflakes and ceramic bells and more that each fill me with love and fond memories.

This year seems more emotional and reminiscent than years past. I even started longing for egg nog, something I haven’t consumed since long before my dad passed in 2011. He loved to spike egg nog with liquor, though I’m not sure what he used. His had a bite to it that I don’t think I liked. But I bought a quart at my local grocery store and a pint of Jack Daniels’ whiskey. My first tentative sip reassured me that I do like it even to this day. The splash of whiskey served to cut through the custardy drink and smoothed out the taste to something light and delicious.

This year will also be the only time—I refuse to have a repeat—that I won’t see my daughter in person for Christmas. I’ve insisted that she and her new husband not risk traveling across Georgia to Alabama even for the holidays. I want them to have a long and happy life together and he’s in the high risk category just like my husband and I are. So we’ll open gifts, which I’ve already shipped and they’ve received, via Facetime. Which is better than nothing but still… At least we’ll be able to share in the joy of seeing each other open the gifts. Next year will be in person somewhere, either at our house, theirs, or at one of our timeshare weeks.

My wish for everyone is a safe, happy, and loving holiday season no matter which holidays you celebrate. So let’s put a wrap on the lumpy coal-filled box that is 2020, but don’t put a bow on it. Hide it at the back of the tree and put a “don’t open or relive” tag instead. We’ve learned a lot of lessons this year that we can apply going forward, so don’t forget those, either. Mainly so we don’t ever and nobody else will ever have to learn them again.

Raising a glass of egg nog to you all! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And a very Happy New Year! See you in January!


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