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Welcome back to my guided tour of the interior of the Fury Falls Inn! If you missed the beginning, feel free to loop back to the Falcon’s Eye view of the property where the Fury Falls Inn is situated, then wander through as the Main Floor, before climbing the stairs to the Upper Floor  to see the guest rooms. Remember that the inn is a large building, comprised of two separate structures joined by the covered porch. Let’s cross the dog-trot porch and go into the residence side.

The family enjoys a large common room that functions as the casual parlor and dining room combined. There’s a large fireplace to the left on the wall of the dog-trot porch where they gather for family meetings, adding chairs as needed from other parts of the room. The dining table is surrounded by chairs, waiting for a family gathering. Since the sons have been away from home, the chairs waited with little hope of such an event. But as they boys venture to the inn, the chances for that family dinner is growing!

Main floor of the Fairhope family residence at the Fury Falls Inn.

Off to the right is Reggie’s office, the one Flint uses in his absence. That lone window is the one Flint gazes out of when he’s pondering his future as a hostelry man. The formal family parlor at the right rear of the building doesn’t see much use, since they don’t entertain guests very often. Perhaps one day they’ll have an occasion to use its finer furniture and furnishings, but not so far… If you look out the windows at the back of the building you’ll have a fine view of the Appalachian foothills as well as the row or outbuildings and Cassie’s garden.

Only one more section to tour and that’s the family’s quarters upstairs. Until next time…

Happy reading!


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Fury Falls Inn in 1821 Alabama. A place for ghosts, witches, and magic. A place of secrets and hidden dangers. A place where Daniel Fairhope’s family kept life-changing secrets from him.

His sister’s magic is coveted by two powerful, angry witches intent on her willing compliance with their demands. Worse, a witch hunter is on the loose, determined to rid the area of all witches. Struggling to cope with those threats, Daniel discovers his own unique and powerful ability as well as those of his estranged brothers. Abilities they’ll need to unite to protect their sister and the family secrets. But these challenges all pale in comparison to convincing the captivating woman he meets at the inn to trust him before she breaks his heart.

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