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Happy November, everyone! With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the USA, I thought I’d highlight a backlist book, The Touchstone of Raven Hollow, which happens during Thanksgiving week. I hope you’ll check out this romantic retelling of an Irish myth, details are below. Enjoy!

I am going to switch gears with my Monday blog posts from talking about the research that goes into the stories I write to instead challenge myself to widen my reading spectrum of historical fiction. You know my Friday blogs are dedicated to introducing you to contemporary authors who write all kinds of fiction. But now I want to delve into historical fiction from around the world. To that end, I have compiled of list—thanks in great part to the members of the Historical Novel Society Facebook group of readers and writers alike!—of  authors from various countries who write historical fiction in any time/place. My plan is to read them, hopefully one per week, and provide my review of what I enjoyed from the story with you all. Can I read one each week? Well, some are pretty long so I’m not exactly sure! But I’ll try.

My aim is to sample perspectives from authors of other countries than the U.S.A. I want to see what issues and concerns they raise and how they do so with not only their characters and situations but also their language, word choices, etc. Will there be noticeable differences? That’s one of my questions.

Now that I’ve compiled a list of authors, I’ll start working through them one by one. I browsed my own extensive library and found two to begin with on my shelves, books inherited from my beloved mother-in-law’s library when she passed in 2009. I’ll start with Colleen McCullough’s The First Man in Rome. This story is 931 pages long, with an additional glossary, pronunciation guide, etc. So I’ll do my best to read it in a week! If I don’t finish it, then I’ll give you my initial thoughts and reactions to what I have read next week. I think this could be an interesting experience for all of us, but let me know what you think of my plan and if you’ve read any of the books as we go along. I’d love to hear your perspective, so if you want to read along, feel free to join me in this quest to gain a new perspective on historical fiction from authors around the globe.

Cover of The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough

Guess I better go read, eh? Until next time…

Happy reading!


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A romantic Thanksgiving story: The Touchstone of Raven Hollow

He dug for the truth and found her magic…

It’s safer to stay hidden. Or so Tara Golden believes. To not draw attention to her healing powers. She has hidden her powers ever since shunned as a child for using them. But occasionally, she helps people passing through town, sure they’d never figure out what saved them. But a tall, sexy geologist is demanding answers to questions she doesn’t want to face at the same time she’s forced to use her nonexistent baking skills to make desserts for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner. The hunky guy is in for a huge disappointment since she would never expose her abilities and her gifted sisters even to silence the handsome and intriguing man. 

Grant Markel’s condition is cured, his eyesight restored, but the scientist within him won’t accept it’s a miracle. Miracles don’t explain how he overcame a fatal disease. He followed his brother to Roseville on the fool’s errand of creating an alchemical Elixir of Life. Only to have his condition mysteriously disappear without any Elixir or other treatment. When he learns Tara is the sexy, mystical witch who may hold the answer to his quest, he’s determined to prove she’s full of smoke and mirrors despite their mutual attraction.

When they are trapped in an enchanted valley on the eve of Thanksgiving, Tara must choose between her magical truth or his scientific beliefs in order to escape. Can she step from the shadows to claim her true powers before it’s too late?

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