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Only 9 more days! That’s how long you have to nab your copy of the short story anthology What A Day! And if you’re a fan of my Fury Falls Inn historical fantasy series (details below) you really want a copy of the anthology. Let me explain…

My local writers group decided to put together an anthology of short stories as a fundraiser. We centered each of the stories on a special day, a “red letter day” for a specific character. Our plan was to only make the anthology available for a limited time and then we’d each reclaim our rights to our stories to use however we choose. All told, there are 11 short stories by a variety of published and newly published authors in various genres. I chose a low-profile character in my popular historical fantasy series and what happens on her birthday.

In “The Perfect Birthday Gift” you’ll get to know kitchen maids Myrtle Marple and her sister Meg much better. For that matter, they learn more about themselves, too! In the Fury Falls Inn, which is haunted, these two gray-haired women work helping prepare the food for the busy dining room. But on Myrtle’s 21st birthday, which falls between the fourth and fifth books, they receive a surprise guest bearing gifts. The effects of those gifts are mentioned in the fifth book of the series, Legends of Wrath, and later called upon in the sixth book of the series, Homecoming, both of which just released last month to wrap up the series. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you so I am refraining…barely…from sharing! It was such a delight writing their story.

You won’t find this short story anywhere else for at least 6 months, so if you’re curious then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of What A Day! soon. A little birdie told me it’s coming off the market after October 5.

Southern hospitality is alive and well. In this anthology you may find a little old, a little new, and perhaps some mysterious doings. How about a ghost — or was it a ghost pepper? Was that a witch, a sprite, an elf, or a seer? You may be looking for a beautiful garden, a mint julep, or a jazz festival. Come on down! Bless your heart, you may never want to leave.

What A Day! is a collection of stories about special, memorable days in the lives of an eclectic, quirky mix of characters. You’ll enjoy fantasy, romance, historical, and more by best-selling authors like Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones as well as newer authors, none of which you’ll want to miss! Come laugh, cry, gasp, and smile your way through these fun, light-hearted, suspenseful, and intriguing stories.

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I actually edited about half of the stories in the collection but of course they’ve each been thoroughly edited before being included. We all wanted to produce a quality product containing entertaining stories! There’s fantasy, romance, mystery, and even a bit of mayhem in the mix. And since each is under 5000 words, they won’t take long to read either.

Let me know what you think of my short story. I haven’t written many recently, although I did write a flash fiction Halloween story this fall. That one is “Haunting Beauty” and is only 650 words, my shortest short story ever! I’ll share that with you for Halloween…

Happy fall! Thanks for reading!


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Fury Falls Inn in 1821 Alabama. A place for ghosts, witches, and magic.
A place of secrets and hidden dangers.

Amazon Fury Falls Inn Series Page

The Haunting of Fury Falls Inn (#1)

Under Lock and Key (#2)

Desperate Reflections (#3)

Fractured Crystals (#4)

Legends of Wrath (#5)

Homecoming (#6)


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