Fun Friday with Agnes from The Sea Prayers by #author Normandie Fischer #mustread #WomensFiction #sailing #singlemom

Another Fun Friday finds us hoping for a bit of fun for stressed out and overworked single mother Agnes. She does have some fun, doesn’t she, Normandie?

What does Agnes do for fun, you ask? Is that a rhetorical question?

Because, honey, as far as I can tell, she’s laser-focused on carving out enough of her measly waitress’s earnings to pay the bills on a too-big house her mama left her and on making sure her girl has clothes. It’s amazing how quickly an almost-twelve-year-old can use up a pair of sneakers.

The mess started back when Agnes, a college freshman, stepped out of her nerdy comfort zone to go with dorm mates she barely knew to a New York club where she’d have to lie. She was fool enough to accept a drink (who knew it was drugged?) from the gorgeous lead singer when he slid in beside her.

One night of bad choices pretty much taught her that fun has no place in a world consumed by the aftermath of that night. But even without “fun” in her vocabulary, a few things remain essential to survival as a single parent with no college degree: reading anything she can put her hands on and exorcising stress (when she has the energy) by jogging along the waterfront. And she does dream of possibilities—of Henry (an ex-addict and sous chef at the chic restaurant where she waits tables) and his sailboat (his home and a work in progress), of banks ponies and the nearby ocean (which she and her daughter ought to visit more often), of her daughter at peace in spite of not having a daddy (and not knowing the music she listens to is his). Dreaming is sometimes all there is.

Of course, when disaster happens, dreams flee, don’t they? And all Agnes can do is hold on to friends, including Henry, and pray.

Her daughter—the daughter who loves nothing more than crabbing off her best friend’s dock and roaming the small town in that friend’s wake—has her sights set on a daddy and his promises of adventure and fame. Oh, yeah, Brisa’s on her way, and her mother is shell-shocked.

The question Agnes has to be asking herself is if fun will ever be part of her vocabulary again.

Sea Prayers ebook 9A waitress, a megastar, and an ex-addict wage war for the heart of a young girl.

Thirteen years ago, a spiked drink left Agnes with a permanent reminder of the man who date-raped her.

Her daughter looks like him, sounds like him, and even listens to his platinum records (of course, the dude’s a mega star because nothing is fair) but Brisa is everything Agnes has in the world. At least, she is until the day this music star sets his sights on getting himself a ready-made family.

He’s got millions of dollars, millions of fans, a high-powered legal team, and half Brisa’s DNA. Agnes has a run-down house, a friend who’s almost three years sober and afraid to say he loves her, and a lawyer willing to work pro bono.

Oh, and the whole town of Beaufort. That’s right. She’s got all those Beaufort folk at her back, praying to the God she has rejected, and not one of them is going to let Brisa go without a fight.

The Sea Prayers releases 11/13/2018

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Carolina Coast Novels Series: Amazon

Author PicNormandie studied sculpture in Italy before receiving her BA, summa cum laude with special honors in English. Known for her women’s fiction—Becalmed (2013), Sailing out of Darkness (2013–Maggie Finalist 2014), Heavy Weather (2015–Maggie Finalist 2016), and Twilight Christmas (2016)—she ventured into the realm of romantic suspense with the release of Two from Isaac’s House. From Fire into Fire, continues the Isaac House saga. She and her husband spent a number of years on board their 50-foot ketch, Sea Venture, sailing in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. They now live in coastal North Carolina, where she takes care of her aging mother.






It looks like Agnes and Brisa do find some time to have a bit of fun together. Whew! I’m glad to hear it. We all need a little down time to relax and unwind. So tell me, folks, what do you like to do for fun? Read? Walk? Shadow box? I’m curious…


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Fun Friday w/ the Duke of Wolferton from The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke by #romance #author Sandra Masters #histfic #regency #paranormal

Today I have a real treat for you for Fun Friday! How about a Regency paranormal romance? With a Duke who is into cultivating unique flowers! I’ll let Sandra Masters explain. Take it away, Sandra!

Hello, everyone! Hope this finds you in the best of health and that we all have a good year ahead of us.

My special thanks to Betty Bolte for allowing me to share my story with all of you. For me, it has been a year of awakenings and for that reason, I am thrilled to announce the November 5th release of Book Six in the Duke Series – THE BLUE-EYED BLACK-HEARTED DUKE.  This novel idea came to me in a dream of a red wolf aside Radolf, The Duke of Wolferton. In the background were images of a stained glass piece in a chapel featuring said red wolf and an archangel wielding a blazing lightning bolt sword. This book also represented a departure from my more traditional Regency stories in that the characters led me into the FANTASY world of Regency Paranormal. There are no vampires, werewolves, or shape shifters, but these are spiritual guardians of my beloved duke according to a Legend and the Prophecy in the prologue.

If you go to my website:, and subscribe to it, you will receive a free download of the entire First Chapter. To entice you further, below is the blurb.

TheBlueEyedBlackHeartedDuke_w12389_750.jpgHow do you tempt a sinner?—Offer him a saint!

Dark, dangerous, brooding and in his eyes unredeemable, Radolf Wolferton, Duke of Wolferton, doesn’t fear death but welcomes it. Guilt-ridden because of his sinful past, the tormented hero of the Waterloo wars, honor-bound, believes he is undeserving of love and closely guards his black heart against love though the family prophecy predicts otherwise.

Powerfully drawn to him, Jaclyn Moreux, his ward, cannot deny his allure and the sizzling attraction that grows. Lured by his seductive pull, there are danger and passion in his embrace.

Can Jaclyn help Radolf conquer the internal demon who threatens their future and recognize that a higher supernatural power destines their love?

Can Radolf surrender to the supernatural power that speaks through the stained glass portrait of his red wolf persona and the archangel to fight for the woman he loves despite the pitfalls?

Available for pre-order now. Official world-wide release is on November 5th.

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A unique fact about this character is that Radolf discovered in his ten years traveling the Ottoman Empire a unique flower. With a love of all things Turkish, he cultivated…

The Turkish Halfeti Black Rose

Halfeti RoseHalfeti Rose appeared to verify that Halfeti, Turkey, was the only place in the world where these unusual roses prospered. The pitch-black rose appeals to women because of its rarity and also its association with darkness. It depends on whether you seek the dark side of the rose in its morbidity or the light side in its magic.

We are told these roses appear black to the naked eye, and are grown only in small quantities in the village of Halfeti, Turkey, which our hero, Radolf, Duke of Tremayne, visited on occasion.  Water seeps in from the Euphrates River which has a unique pH level. On a first viewing, the rose is black unless one takes a magnifying glass to inspect it.

Black roses aren’t a natural variation that you can purchase from your local nursery; they’re much more elusive and EXPENSIVE than that.  Sometimes called Black roses, they are also known as the Turkish Halfeti Rose, Arab Bride or Arab Beauty, and bloom in small numbers.

Visit and click on the dashboard BLOG, and you can scroll down to learn everything about this mysterious rose.

Here’s an excerpt for your enjoyment, entitled THE KISS:

Before he could think, fingertips skimmed each other. A smile opened slowly, her upper lips a single breath away, her tongue a slither of invitation one moment, stilled the next, only to venture closer again. Slippery, dazzling the senses, forbidden, but desirable in its implication, the thrill spiraled higher and higher into a mad vortex of lust, pure, and—simple. A sin so delightful, it spun around to make one unable to resist, to give everything for her touch—the infinite pleasure. She moved her mouth closer until there was no space left to hide—only to join in a kiss of blissful ecstasy. Ahh, he never believed it possible for him to feel such sensations again.

Sandra MastersFrom a humble beginning in Newark, NJ, a short stay at a convent in Morristown, NJ, to the boardrooms of NYC, and a fantastic career for a broadcasting company in Carlsbad, California, to the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park, Sandra Masters has always traveled with pen and notebook. It’s been the journey of ten thousand miles with a few steps left to go. She traded NYC boardrooms for Regency ballrooms, left her corporate world behind and never looked back. Nothing she expected, but everything she dreamed. She lists her occupation as Living The Dream.

She is a storyteller. Gather round her and allow yourself to become transported you to Regency England in the early 1800’s where the men were charmingly arrogant and the women were there to tame them.

She has more yesterdays than tomorrows and has known many things…content to look through the lens of make-believe to bring Regency Romance into your life.




Sounds like quite a fun story to both write and to read! I don’t think I’ve read any Regency paranormal stories. Cool idea, though! I’m developing a historical supernatural series myself, but a different time period than Regency. More on that to come! Happy reading, everyone!


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Fun Friday with Camilla Fetherwell from Lipstick on the Strawberry by #author Margaret Ann Spence #mustread #womensfiction

Today’s Fun Friday includes a little lesson in photographic technique. Here is author Margaret Ann Spence to explain.

Thank you, Betty, for the opportunity to introduce your readers to Lipstick on the Strawberry, a book about food and family secrets.

A little salt, a little sugar and more than a dash of vinegar characterize caterer Camilla Fetherwell’s relationships with her family – and the men in her life. As for love, the main ingredient, will it be burned to a crisp, or served tender and delicious?

What Camilla loves to do for fun is to travel and sample the food of other countries! When the book starts, she’s already relocated “across the pond”, to Massachusetts. She may have gone from the frying pan to the fire as, newly divorced, she struggles to keep her business afloat. But experimenting with new dishes keeps her clientele happy and all her senses engaged.

Camilla is English. She chose her profession because she feels unable to live up to her family’s academic expectations in the storied, historic, university town of Cambridge, England. She feels excluded from the academy, and learned to cook in the kitchen of one of the university colleges, horrifying her snobby parents.

This photo of one of the famous university colleges shows how our Camilla feels about her home town. Not welcome!

Kings College

Camilla was cut off from her family for a youthful indiscretion. She’s always wondered why her teenage relationship with a boy who came to live with the family was so taboo, and escaped her family’s stifling respectability to live in Boston. Returning to England for her father’s funeral, she finds he had a secret that upends her assumptions and threatens her reunion with her first love. Her father is not the only one with a secret, however, and Camilla is the catalyst for their uncovering.

In family relationships, are things ever really what they seem?

That thought led me to my title. It’s a food photographer’s trick. Just as a freshen-up of lipstick can do wonders for a face (especially mine!) so a photographer can swipe a lovely red over an unripe strawberry to make it look perfect. What truths lie under a supposedly unblemished life?

One reviewer said, “This story moves along at a cracking pace. I found it hard to put down…We are led down some tantalizing paths, until the final resolution. Appropriately, food features a great deal in this book, in fact, the writing itself is quite luscious.”

I imagined Camilla when we lived in Cambridge for a year. While in England I discovered a surprise – British food has had a bad rap! Says Camilla, “We’re long past the stodge and school-dinner stereotype.” I started researching and cooking British specialties, and many of them appear in the book as Camilla’s adaptations from the originals, using American measurements.

In keeping with Camilla’s feeling like a “fish out of water,” here she introduces a Scottish fish soup with a funny name – Cullen Skink.

This mouth-watering chowder is from the fishing town of Cullen. The word “skink” means “shin” in the Scots dialect. How we got from shin, which implies meat, to smoked fish is a mystery. But the word also means soup. It’s a great dish for a cold winter’s night, which is exactly when its eaten in Lipstick on the Strawberry.

Camilla’s Cullen Skink


1½ pints whole rich milk, 1 oz. butter, 1 bay leaf, 1 lb undyed smoked haddock or any smoked white fish*, one large onion, diced finely, one leek, washed and thinly sliced, two large potatoes, diced into quarter inch by half inch cubes.


Poach the fish and bay leaf in milk, very gently, until fish is cooked through, about five to ten minutes. Turn off the heat and remove fish with slotted spoon and reserve.

In a pan, melt the knob of butter and cook the onions and leeks gently until translucent, add potatoes and sauté till they are golden all over. Add the potatoes and onion to the milky fish stock. Poach the liquid mixture until potatoes are tender – this could take up to 40 minutes, because the milk should never boil.

In the meantime, as soon as the fish is cool, skin it (skin should lift right off), flake the fish meat, and chill in refrigerator until the rest of the soup is ready.

When potatoes and onions are tender, remove the bay leaf, replace fish into the soup, bring gently to the simmer, and pour into bowls, garnishing with parsley or chives.

Traditional cooks mash the potatoes to make the soup thick. I find chunks of potato poking out of the soup with the fish to be more interesting.  An option is to mash half the potato to thicken the soup and chunk the rest. This is the most delicious chowder with a wonderful smoky flavor. Serve with crusty bread and a salad for a complete meal.

*Smoked fish is hard to find in the U.S. I found a delicious compromise by using canned smoked trout I found at World Market together with a fillet of cod. Drain the trout of oil before using.

LipstickontheStrawberry_w11172_750Estranged from her English family, Camilla Fetherwell now lives in the United States and owns a successful catering business. Returning home for her father’s funeral, she reunites with her first love, Billy, whom she hasn’t seen since her father broke up their teenage romance. Billy seems eager to resume their love affair. But after one blissful night together, things take a turn.
Camilla suspects her father may have led a secret life, and when Billy reveals something he, too, has discovered, her apprehension grows. Billy holds her heart, but their relationship might be tainted by what her father hid. A reunion seems impossible.

Her life feels as splattered as her catering apron. As she watches her food stylist make a strawberry look luscious with a swipe of lipstick, Camilla wonders if a gloss has been put over a family secret? Can she and Billy survive what’s underneath?

Author photo- Margaret Ann SpenceAs a child, Margaret wanted to run an orphanage or be an author. Perhaps the Madeline books inspired both ideas. Debating whether to do good or have fun, she gave up studying to be a social worker and pursued a life around the written word. High heels, tight skirts and makeup won over sensible shoes, though publishing promised a permanently low salary. She worked as an editorial assistant for a major publishing house, for a magazine and for a university. She earned a master’s degree in journalism, wrote a slew of press releases as a publicist, and as a freelance writer when her children were small, published feature articles in newspapers and magazines.

In the past few years, she’s turned to writing fiction and essays. Her essay, The Dog Catcher of Jabiru, won the Tara L. Masih Intercultural Essay Prize in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition in 2014.

Get to know her at

I love to cook and to read, so reading about cooks and recipes is always a good fit for me. Thanks for sharing, Margaret!


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Fun Friday with Rachel Thompson from The Rancher’s Redemption by #romance #author Melinda Curtis #cowgirl #quilter #singlemom #fiction

Today’s Fun Friday post features a very busy woman who is helping to run a ranch while fighting for a divorce and to remain close to her young daughter. But I’ll let Melinda Curtis introduce you to Rachel Thompson and all she’s up to!

Thanks for inviting me and my heroine Rachel Thompson to drop by for Friday coffee. Rachel is featured in The Rancher’s Redemption, Book #3 in the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series.

Rachel is a small town lawyer who’s trying to rebuild her life. Her divorce is final but she can’t get her ex to sign a final custody agreement regarding her baby. Her father died a few years ago and she’s helping her mother and grandmother run the Doubt T, which means she basically running the ranch with an elderly foreman who should really be retired. Five years ago, her family lost river water rights to the Blackwell Ranch and she’s brought a lawsuit against them to try and win back much-needed water.

TheRanchersRedemptionFinalEssentially, Rachel is like most single moms, sandwiched between caring for a child and parents/grandparents, struggling to juggle balls in the air. Rachel was raised to be a rancher’s princess by a father who doted on her. She knows how to ride and the fundamentals of roping, but she’s unsure of her skills. However, her horse, Utah, is awesome. The kind of horse a father would give a daughter because he knew that horse would take care of her. This may sound cliché, but she enjoys long rides on her ranch, often taking her daughter, Poppy, who rides on the saddle in front of her. Three generations of Rachel’s family are crafty. Quilting is another way Rachel slows down, stays in tune with her mother and grandmother, and feels connected to the family ranch, which the Thompsons have owned for generations.

Having raised three kids and juggled two careers – writing and being a marketing manager – Rachel and I really bonded. It’s challenging to figure out which hat you need to put on first or even the longest every day – mom, daughter, rancher, lawyer, individual. I enjoy long walks with my dogs and have a group of women friends at the gym, but like Rachel, I lean heavily on my man to keep me grounded and in touch with what’s important in life.

You can read an excerpt of The Rancher’s Redemption here:





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MelindaCurtis (574x640)Prior to writing romance, award-winning, USA Today bestseller Melinda Curtis was a junior manager for a Fortune 500 company, which meant when she flew on the private jet she was relegated to the jump seat—otherwise known as the potty. After grabbing her pen (and a parachute) she made the jump to full-time writer. Between writing sweet romance for Harlequin and indie-pubbed sweet romantic comedy, Melinda finds time to bond with her husband over home remodeling projects. She recently came to grips with the fact that she’s an empty nester and a grandma, concepts easier to grasp than jet-setting on a potty. You can sign up for Melinda’s mailing list and receive two free reads here.

Sounds like a pretty cool way for Rachel to relax with her daughter, out riding the range together. Not that I’ve ever been to a real ranch, just horse farms and such with my equestrian daughter. I cross-stitch and so does she, so we have that in common, too. Reading is also a shared love! Keeping in sync with my son is more of a challenge for me. I think I do that through Sunday dinners. I get to see him each week that way! How do you stay connected with your child? What challenges do you face with regard to maintaining the relationship?


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Fun Friday with Becky Hollister from An Innocent Man by #romance #author Augustina Van Hoven #PNR #ghosts #journalist #fiction

Fun Friday is here again, this time bringing Augustina van Hoven and her investigative reporter Becky Hollister in An Innocent Man. I’ll let Augustina introduce her properly…

Thank you, Betty, for the opportunity to introduce my character, Becky Hollister from AN INNOCENT MAN.

Becky is an investigative reporter with the Idaho Statesman.  She is a close friend with time traveling Jessica in my first two books of the Love through Time series and appears in both books.  Due to a devastating heartbreak she experienced, Becky moves from Boise to Lewiston and starts working for a new newspaper, The Lewiston Tribune.  She rents a small house and that simple thing changes her life, forever.

For fun and relaxation, Becky loves to garden, but being on the go makes a backyard garden impractical.  She also loves to cook.  This gives her a great opportunity to enjoy both things by growing herbs and vegetables indoors in mason jars and a hydroponic grower.

LETTUCEHerbs are easy to grow in a well-lighted area in quart mason jars. You place a half inch of small stones in the bottom of the jar to help with drainage then add potting soil and a plant or seeds.  Fresh herbs really add to the flavor of any food dish.  And by growing them in the house, you are guaranteed fresh herbs year round.  A good hydroponic grower runs around $120.  You can grow lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs or even flowers in them year round.

Becky keeps her herb jars on shelves in front of a southern facing window.  Her Aero hydroponic grower currently sits on her counter and she’s growing lettuce in it.  She can have a great salad by grabbing her scissors.

AugustinaVanHoven_AnInnocentMan_HRAfter being jilted at the altar, journalist Becky Hollister moves to a new city to try to put her life back together and ease the heartache.  She’s surprised to find her new home is already occupied by a man who died 20 years ago.  Will solving his murder help her to learn to love again?

Sheriff’s deputy, Mark Collins, is intrigued by the feisty reporter and her determination to unlock the truth behind a crime that happened when he was a kid.  But every time he tries to get closer to her, she runs away like a wounded animal.  If he can help her solve the cold case, can he also help heal her broken heart?

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Tina small - CopyAugustina Van Hoven was born in The Netherlands and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two dogs and three cats. She is an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy. When she’s not writing she likes to work in her garden or in the winter months crochet and knit on her knitting machines. Get to know her at

Twitter:  @augustinavhoven


Pinterest: Augustina Van Hoven, Author

This one is right up my alley! I love a good ghost story! And fresh herbs in my cooking. I may have to try growing some—but then again, I do not have a green thumb. It’s probably safer for the plants if I buy what I need. How about you? Do you grow your own herbs or other plants? Without killing them, like me?


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Fun Friday with Patricia O’Neill from Going Through the Change by #author Samantha Bryant #superhero #humor #fiction #menopause

Fun Friday is really going to be a “super” fun one today! Meet Patricia O’Neill from Samantha Bryant’s Going Through the Change. I’ll let Samantha take it from there!

Thanks, Betty for inviting me and my character Patricia O’Neill to drop by and introduce ourselves! Patricia is one of the Menopausal Superheroes from my series. She’s featured in three novels and one set of short stories now, all available on Amazon or at your favorite book store upon request.

Image by Charles C. Dowd

Patricia O’Neill, aka “the Lizard Woman of Springfield,” was hard as nails even before she became bulletproof. Her climb up the corporate ladder began in the 1970s, and she smashed more than one glass ceiling on her way to the top. Her thick skin protected her from the slings and arrows of men who would have preferred to keep her “in her place” and helped her ignore the usual insults and threats hurled at women who make their way in a man’s world.

Until recently, Patricia’s idea of a good time involved expensive theater tickets, high priced wine, and conversations that last until dawn. Well, at least at night. By day, she always liked kicking butt, whether metaphorical butt in the boardroom, or actual butt in the gymnasium.

As a younger woman, she was a field hockey champion nicknamed “The Amazon” by her teammates for her amazing athleticism and six feet of height. As an older woman, she had taken to kickboxing and other forms of martial arts for release.

In Going Through the Change, when Patricia first goes through her more unusual changes, gaining the ability to transform into a bulletproof lizard woman, superheroic antics were the last thing on her mind. As she told her intern, who was trying to talk her into using her new abilities to make a difference, “I’m not Peter Parker. I don’t buy the whole ‘great power comes with great responsibility’ racket. I didn’t ask for this, and I don’t owe anyone anything.”

In Change of Life and Face the Change, the second and third books of the series, Patricia learns to be a little more of a team player. As she joined forces with the other Menopausal Superheroes, she learned to value the friendship of other women. She may even make room in her life for love. She said it herself: “I’ve got a big closet. There’s more than one surprise in there.”

all coversI can’t wait to find out what else Patricia has in store for me and for our readers as this series continues to develop! You can keep up with us both by signing up for my author newsletter (one email per month, maximum):

Contest! To enter for a chance to win an e-book of whichever of my novels you choose, please leave a comment telling me about a heroic woman you admire.

600-800GOINGTHROUGHTHECHANGE-COVERGoing through “the change” isn’t easy on any woman. Mood swings, hot flashes, hormonal imbalances, and itchy skin are par for the course. But for these four seemingly unrelated women, menopause brought changes none of them had ever anticipated—super-heroic changes.

Helen discovers a spark within that reignites her fire. Jessica finds that her mood is lighter, and so is her body. Patricia always had a tough hide, but now even bullets bounce off her. Linda doesn’t have trouble opening the pickle jar anymore… now that she’s a man.

When events throw the women together, they find out that they have more in common than they knew—one person has touched all their lives. The hunt for answers is on.


BOOK ONE: Going Through the Change

Samantha’s Amazon Author Page

meandbatman copySamantha Bryant believes in love, magic, and unexplainable connections between people. Her favorite things are lonely beaches, untamed cliff tops, sunlight through the leaves of trees, summer rains, and children’s laughter. She has lived in many places, including rural Alaska, Kansas, Kentucky, Vermont, England and Spain. She is fierce at heart, though she doesn’t look it.

She’s a fan of Charlotte Brontë, William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Neil Gaiman, Shirley Jackson, and Joss Whedon, among many others. She would like to be Margaret Atwood when she grows up, but so far it doesn’t look like she’ll be growing up any time soon.

Samantha writes blogs, poems, essays, and novels. Mostly she writes about things that scare or worry her. It’s cheaper than therapy. Someday, she hopes to make her living solely as a writer. In the meantime, she also teaches middle school Spanish, which, admittedly, is an odd choice for money-earning, especially in North Carolina.

When she’s not writing or teaching, Samantha enjoys time with her family, watching old movies, baking, reading, and going places. Her favorite gift is tickets (to just about anything).

Her Menopausal Superhero series is available on Amazon or by request at your favorite bookstore. It now includes three novels and a set of short stories. You can find her online on at, on Twitter as @mirymom1, or on lots of other procrastination toys, um, social media.

What a fun series to read! I hope you all enjoy Samantha’s stories. Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win one of her books, too. Good luck!


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Fun Friday with Maximus and Lucius St. Albans from When the Marquess Returns by #author Alanna Lucas #histrom #mustread #fiction

Let’s travel to London for Fun Friday and meet Maximus and Lucius St. Albans from When the Marquess Returns by Alanna Lucas. Take it away, Alanna!

Thank you, Betty, for having me today! I’m excited to share When the Marquess Returns with you today. Although I’m supposed to do a post about what one of my characters does for fun, the hero is an identical twin with a rather jealous brother, so you get two for one!

Allow me to introduce identical twins Maximus and Lucius St. Albans. They’re the missing grandsons of the Duke of Warrington, who were stolen as infants. Prior to being discovered as the missing heirs, the twins enjoyed traveling the continent on the Grand Tour, while expanding their minds (although Lucius would add other *delights* to the list), and spending time with their adoptive family near Plymouth. Maximus has always enjoyed the quiet country life, finding pleasure in horseback riding, reading, and sketching plans for buildings he one day hoped to build, but Fate had a different plan.

Once the boys were discovered to be the lost heirs, London was abuzz with excitement. Every lady in Town vied for their attention, hoping to catch their eye, and an illustrious title. Maximus and Lucius’s days are now filled with endless lessons on how to be a proper heir to a dukedom and learning about their family ancestry.

However, Lucius being Lucius decided those lessons were not exciting and added frequent visits to one of London’s notorious gaming hells to his list of fun, leaving Maximus to clean up his brother’s messes. But despite Lucius’s propensity for trouble and the endless etiquette lessons, Maximus does find time to enjoy the simple things in life—reading, taking long walks, and trying to win the heart of the Cursed Heiress.

One guess which brother has more fun causing trouble?

Contest!! For a chance to win an ebook from my backlist leave a comment about what you enjoy doing for fun!

AL-eBook (1)A Marquess in Waiting and the Cursed Heiress…

The ton is abuzz and mamas are lining up their daughters; identical twins Maximus and Lucius St. Albans are making their entry into society. But they’re not just eligible―they’re the missing grandsons of the Duke of Warrington, stolen as infants.

However, Maximus doesn’t relish the battle with his cocky, reprobate brother to be the next Marquess. And he has no time for the simpering misses now vying for his attention. Only Miss Sabina Teverton has his interest.

She was resigned to life as a spinster but from the moment Sabina meets Lord Maximus, her heart is torn. She dreams of a match with him―but how can that be when she’s been branded as cursed…and she knows secrets of that night long ago when Maximus and his twin were snatched from their cradles?

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side headshotAlanna Lucas grew up in Southern California, but always dreamed of distant lands and bygone eras. From an early age she took interest in art, history, and travel, and enjoys incorporating those diversions into her writing. Alanna makes her home in California where she spends her time writing historical romances, dreaming of her next travel destination, and spending time with family.

Get to know Alanna at her website or follow her at Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Author Page, or BookBub.

Wow, that would be quite something to find out your heir to the throne and all that would entail. What a great story, Alanna!

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Fun Friday with Maud Somerset from Lady Soldier by #romance #author Jillian Chantal #histrom #regency #fiction #books #tomboy

Another Fun Friday has arrived! Bringing with it the feisty Matilda “Maud” Somerset from Jillian Chantal’s historical romance, Lady Soldier. I’ll let Jillian introduce her to you…

I’m super excited that Betty invited me to come by and introduce the heroine of Lady Soldier and yak about what she likes to do for fun.

Matilda “Maud” Somerset is not your standard Regency era girl. She’s what we modern women would call a tomboy. It’s not her fault. In fact, her mother places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Maud’s father, Richard Somerset, one of the younger brothers of the Duke of Beaufort. Lord James was a soldier in his younger years. In fact, he was a crack shot and served king and country as a sharpshooter.

Maud had a brother who was a year older than her. Their father was sure his son would follow in his footsteps and enlist in the army. He was resolved to train the boy in all the arts of war and he began this early in the boy’s life. The mistake he made that causes his wife no end of shame and worry? He allowed Maud to tag along. And now his daughter would rather shoot at targets, ride astride and fire arrows into bales of hay than sit in a parlor entertaining suitable beaus or doing needlepoint.

Her mother despairs of Maud ever making a suitable match. Maud isn’t interested at all in being the wife of a nobleman. She wants to continue in all the unladylike pursuits as they make her happy and feel useful. Not that she really has anything against playing the pianoforte. She’s just better at hitting a bullseye than hitting a high note while singing.

She knows she will eventually have to marry and settle down to a life of dull domesticity, but in the meantime, she’ll continue to thwart her mother. She and her horse are inseparable and she spends a lot of time riding and out in the sun which also makes her mother crazy as Maud’s skin isn’t as white and soft as is fashionable for young ladies. Maud promises to wear hats to shade her face, but somehow, they keep getting lost. Alas. And let’s not even mention the state her hair ribbons can manage to find themselves in.

Maud swears she truly isn’t trying to send her mother to an early grave, but a girl has to be true to herself, doesn’t she?

To enter to win an ebook copy of Lady Soldier, share a tidbit with me. What did you do to drive your mother crazy as a kid/teen? I’ll start. My mom despaired of me when I was a kid as I stayed dirty riding my bike and could go through 2-3 sets of clothes a day when she wanted me to change and stay tidy long enough to go out for dinner or shopping. Oh, and I could never find my shoes. I could lose those suckers in the back seat of the car between home and the restaurant.

Jill-ebook (2)Matilda “Maud” Somerset is a disaster. Her parents and uncle, the Duke of Beaufort, want her to make a spectacular match to a suitable beau. Maud is more interested in galloping across the fields on her stallion, Khan, and shooting arrows at targets. Her mother despairs of her and her father bears the brunt of his wife’s and the Duke’s anger for allowing the girl to learn all the arts of war when he was teaching them to his now-deceased older son.

When Maud’s father is recalled to the Army to fight Napoleon in the Peninsular Wars, Maud sneaks off to join his regiment in his place. His vision isn’t what it used to be, and fearing for his life if he fights, she disguises herself as a man and leaves before dawn. She’s determined to uphold the family honor, even at the cost of her own reputation.


Head shot0037 (2) (1)Jillian Chantal is multi-published in the romance genre. She’s a lawyer by day and writer, amateur photographer, and history buff by night. Jillian lives on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida and loves her little slice of paradise. But not too much to enjoy world-wide travel every chance she gets. After all, a writer and photographer needs new and exciting places to go and capture in order to stay fresh, right? And there’s nothing quite like seeing historical places in person, is there?

Jillian loves to hear from readers. She can be found at her website or or

Her books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Jillian, it’s funny you’d ask what I did that drove my mom crazy! I distinctly remember her asking me repeatedly why I had to analyze everything. I asked the “why” question so often, about everything that people did and said until she’d shake her head at me. I think that’s what makes me a good writer, though, noticing the details and finding out the motivation behind actions and words. Striving to understand…

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Fun Friday with Elizabeth Brenner from #author Judy Mollen Walters’ The Natural Order of Things #women #fiction #WF #books

Ready for some quiet fun today? Judy Mollen Walters shares how Elizabeth Brenner plays on today’s Fun Friday post. Take it away, Judy!

Elizabeth Brenner could spend every day just playing with her 4-year-old daughter, Lotty. In fact, she does. Lotty and Elizabeth do everything together from sunup to sundown—from baking to library runs to StoryTime to shopping for their dinner to meeting new people who shape their lives in ways Elizabeth can’t really imagine they will. At night they put their pajamas on early and watch movies and TV—sometimes TV you wouldn’t think interesting for a 4-year-old, like Wheel of Fortune and, in the mornings, Good Morning America. They love their solitude and quiet, but when Elizabeth gets a job on the library’s Bookmobile, which she and Lotty can do together, they discover how much they like to go out for lunch or visiting. It all sounds sort of quiet, but Elizabeth’s new friends are going to tell her their most private secrets, and Elizabeth will reveal some of her own.

ebook cover (1)When 22-year-old Elizabeth Brenner lands in New Jersey with her 15-month-old daughter, Lotty, she doesn’t know a soul. And she prefers it that way. She’s struggling with her own demons—her family in Utah, who essentially threw her out, her ex-boyfriend Evan and father of her baby, and just enough money so that she won’t have to work for a little while. Three-and-a-half years later Elizabeth is running out of money and needs a job. But what can she do without an education or any real work experience? When a job opening for a Bookmobile driver at her local library appears, she applies and gets the job. Now she begins to make friends: Estelle, a 95-year-old woman with a 70-year-old secret, Harper, a 16-year-old high school drop-out who isn’t homeless but might as well be, and Sabrina, a pregnant mother whose secret is so big that she won’t even tell her husband. As Elizabeth juggles all of her new friends’ needs, she meets her neighbor Jeff, and then she finds herself doing something she swore she would never do again….. Full of surprising people with surprising stories, The Natural Order of Things will make you laugh and cry, ponder and hope.


judyauthor2After my stint as an editor in nonfiction book publishing, I became a Stay-at-Home Mother to my two daughters nineteen years ago. I always wanted to be a writer and finally became a published author when my first book, Child of Mine, came out in 2013. In 2014, I published The Opposite of Normal, which became an Amazon best seller, and in 2015, I followed that up with The Place to Say Goodbye, about an autistic young man whose thoughts only the readers are privy to.  In 2016, I published Start at the Beginning, featuring best friends who have to make an agonizing choice. In 2017, I published A Million Ordinary Days, the story of an independent woman who fights her Multiple Sclerosis to maintain her career and take care of her daughter.



Being a single parent is never easy but apparently has its own rewards. This story does sound intriguing, doesn’t it? Thanks, Judy, for sharing a bit about Elizabeth and Lotty’s sweet relationship and the quirky friends they make. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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Fun Friday with the Brothers of Mayhem from #contemporary #romance #author Carla Swafford #bikergang #motorcycle #brotherhood #fiction

I have a special treat for you all for Fun Friday! Carla Swafford is sharing her special guys, the Brothers of Mayhem. I’ve had the pleasure of reading these gritty stories of family, loyalty, and love. But I’ll let Carla tell you all more about her stories.

Thank you, Betty, you’re a sweetheart for letting authors come to your blog and talk about our books. Though I’m supposed to have one character to say what he/she does for fun, I decided to let the three heroes of my Brothers of Mayhem series speak out.

First, let me introduce the fellows: Thorn (Hidden Heat) and Wolf Savalas (Naked Heat) are brothers, and Storm Ryder (Full Heat) is the brother-in-law to Thorn. They each are different as Thorn is the cop, serious and has a white knight syndrome. Wolf is the player, loves women, a big flirt, so laid back, and has always wanted to be part of the MC (motorcycle club). Then there is Storm, the youngest MC chapter president. The man has deep issues and is sensitive though he keeps it well hidden.

Me: “Fellows, you are here today to talk about what you do for fun. Let’s start with you, Thorn.”

Thorn: “Let’s see. I mostly have fun playing with my kids. The oldest, Bryan, loves to hold the wrenches while I work on a 1966 LeMans I’m restoring.” He inhales on the stub of his cigarette and then flicks it off into the gravel nearby. Thorn and Wolf sit on picnic tables outside the Skull and Bones Bar and Grill. Storm fiddles with his Harley a few feet away. He wipes a soft cloth over the chrome and groans when he sees a dent or scratch.

Wolf: “Yeah, kiss ass to the author, Thorndyke. She’s not about to write another book about you.” He winks at me and laughs.

Thorn: “You’re full of it, bro. It’s a classier version of a GTO. Has nothing to do with being the first car she’d own.”

Storm: “What you need is another Harley. Even since you started driving a cage twenty-four/seven, you’ve become an old man. You’re making my sister old too. Have you not heard of birth control? Four kids. You’re outnumbered.”

Thorn: “Stay out of it. Not that you have room to talk. Didn’t I hear that Mary Jane is expecting number three?”

Storm: His grin widens and then disappears. “Probably another boy, her mom is telling us. I’m hoping for a girl. One like her mother.”

Me: “Fellows, back on the subject. What do you do for fun? And no sex talk.”

Wolf: “Ha! She got you two there. Me and Sofia took care of our family in one fell swoop. The twins are enough. They can share a room for a couple more years. So meanwhile, we’re working on remodeling the kitchen and master bath. All of it is a pain, but I love making that woman happy.”

Thorn: Coughs. “Pussy whip.” He coughs again.

Wolf: “So f**king original.” He turns to me. “Oops! Sorry. Tell Betty I’m sorry. A problem being around the MC, a lot of military guys who talk like they’re still in service. Anyway, making the old family homestead into the home Sofia wants is fun to me. I love to surprise her and hear her giggle.”

The brothers turn toward Storm. Silence reigns since it’s Sunday morning and the bar is closed. Storm looks up and glances at me and then checks on Thorn and Wolf. He sighs and tosses the cloth over the handlebars. 

Storm: “Like you mentioned in your book. I love painting designs and pictures on gas tanks for motorcycles. Since then I’ve learned how to do the same on truck and car hoods. People love flames and skulls. Make decent money doing it and make my own hours. Mary Jane and I help out at the commune. We teach classes on arts and crafts and other stuff with her parents. They’re good people.” He stops and looks around, noticing the shocked looks of Wolf and Thorn. “What’s your problem?”

Wolf: “I don’t know about Thorn, but that’s the most I’ve ever heard you say at one time, and I’m supposed to be your best friend.”

Storm: “Maybe it’s because you never shut the fu—” He inhales deeply, regaining control of his temper. “You haven’t been to visit in a while. I’m more talkative. Even Mary Jane says so.”

Wolf: “I have to say, brother, you need to take it back what you called me. Storm has become the king of puss—” Storm charges Wolf and takes him down into the gravel and dirt. They roll, stir up dust, pounding each other, while Thorn roars with laughter.

Me: I glare at Thorn. “Stop encouraging them.” I shake my head. “Well, I guess that’s what my characters from the Brothers of Mayhem series do for fun. Ah, fellows, stop it. You’re going to get hurt and then the ladies will be mad at me and never let me interview them.”

For one lucky commenter, a chance to win a copy of NAKED HEAT in ebook. Winner will be announced on Labor Day! Thank you for commenting! Thank you again, Betty!  Hope everyone will give my books a try.

NAKED HEAT CoverWolf Savalas has a good reason for kidnapping Sofia Cruz, the favorite cousin to the leader of Thirty-Second gang. His MC plans to hit the leader’s home and sweet Sofia will be in the crossfire.

Sofia had stopped meeting the handsome biker for coffee after he admitted to being a deadly Mayhem Brother. So why is she now handcuffed to the sexy biker? And why is she not sure if she wants to be set free?

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carla headshotCarla Swafford loves romance novels, action/adventure movies, and men, and her books reflect that. And that’s not all, she’s crazy about hockey, and thankfully, no one has made her turn in her Southern Belle card. In 2015, Carla received RWA’s PRO Mentor of the Year Award. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Alabama.


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If you enjoy a good romance with some tough and fierce bad guys as the heroes, you’ll love this series! But then I am a bit biased, as Carla has been a friend for a long time and I adore her as a person as well as an author.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Naked Heat! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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